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Our Achievements


16 of our Clients have received the prestigious Don Quijote Award - recognizing top businesses - in 22 years!


Our first Florida Client (Albors and Associates) stayed with us since it its inception in 1990 until its sale  in 2013!

Our first Prospera Client (Zaza Cuban Diner - 1997 ) is still with us!

Over 100 Million dollars in loans approved

Over 1,000 business plans prepared - nearly every industry!

Why Us?

We LISTEN, PROBE, & ANALYZE to create a custom-made Business Plan!   

We serve Orlando, Tampa and South Florida and Yes - We go to your place of business and can also see you after hours.  Your schedule is our schedule!

Our Fully Bilingual Team

     The former director for the SBA's  Management and Technical Assistance Program, with thousands of hours of practical experience in: 

  • Preparing business plans

  • Obtaining financing

  • Devising growth strategies

  • Solving conflicts.

  An expert in office management  procedures and operations with practical experience working with top players in the tourism (theme park), hospitality, legal and medical fields.



You don’t have to be great to start: but you have to start to be great!  (GGM Client Vanessa Valentin, Owner RhythmX Dance Studio)

Are you ready to START?

Understanding the elements of a business plan will help you prepare to work with a consultant or doing it on your own. 

Business Succession

Thinking ahead will ensure that your business succession plan is carried out 

Buying a Business

Many people see the purchase of a business as the fulfillment of a latent dream and the start of a new life for them and their families.  The cause is good and the rewards can be quite satisfying but before you jump into the pond make sure that you have tested the waters.


This article presents the basics in selecting, purchasing and financing a business.

Grants, Guaranteed Investments and Other Stories

The government does allocate money to fund certain activities, but if you think that starting a small business is one of them you are in for a surprise.  Read more to avoid falling for the promises of easy money.

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