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Since 1984, GGM and Associates has provided management consulting services to hundreds of  businesses: First as the main contractor for the SBA Consulting Program in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and the Peace Corps in Barbados, from 1984-1990 and then serving Central Florida since 1990 and Prospera (the HBIF) in Orlando since 1997 and Tampa  since 1999.

Our firm specializes in:

  • The preparation of business plans and feasibility studies for Companies. Investors and Immigration Visa candidates

  • Providing SBA, Conventional and Venture Capital Financing

  • Providing management consulting services including: Growth Strategies, Organizational Analysis, Office Management Systems and Operational Manuals, Emergency Management Recovery Services and on demand CFO services.

Our distinguished clientele includes several recipients of the prestigious Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando Don Quijote Award in 14 of the 18 years since the awards were first given.

Our Vision is to become a driving force in the success of small and medium sized businesses.  Our mission is to provide our clients with the unique insight to drive critical decision making and solve their most pressing problems.


Our approach is simple:

We LISTEN, PROBE AND ANALYZE in order to provide truly innovative, relevant solutions to the challenges a company faces now and in the future. 

Four key differentiators enable us to provide superior levels of support and value to our clients:

A Factual Approach

The traditional strategy consulting model uses internal, analysis-intense examination of client operations-and theoretical solutions or solutions that are used for another client. The result is often a set of recommendations that require major restructuring and cultural change or the recommendations just sit in a document: a report is published, put on a shelf, and collects dust.

Our approach is very different and fundamental to the value we deliver. First, everything we do involves not only internal analysis, but also in-depth analysis of clients’ external environments-competitors, customers, partners, and other market participants. This heavy emphasis on empirical evidence and best practices leads to conclusions and recommendations that are rooted in fact and proven to deliver results.

Challenge the Client

We are prepared to challenge management and push them outside their comfort zone. Only by questioning long-held views of the future, status quo competitive strategies, and established priorities can companies finally make the changes necessary to outperform, and not just keep up with the pack. And while we push our clients, we also recognize that every organization has its own unique obstacles to address. We help clients tackle these while never forgetting that our primary role is to serve.

Share and Compare

We believe in total client interaction in all we do.  This joint team approach is critical to develop commercial solutions that are uniquely tailored to the business’s needs and to ensure a sense of ownership throughout. Our collaborative approach fosters constructive change.  More importantly, it helps achieve the joint accountability and buy-in required to make change stick.

Initiate Change 

We believe that the most valuable contribution any outside adviser can bring is revealing that the capabilities and insights within the company are capable of producing real change. We don’t claim to know the answers ahead of time, and we discover the optimal path forward as a collaborative team through rigorous, fact-based analysis — and through the application of new, higher standards. We help clients see their companies in new ways and broaden their sense of what is possible.

Vincent Giannoni, MBA

Vincent Giannoni - MBA Finance/Accounting & Corporate Strategy / BA Economics

  • Former director of the Consulting Program for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (1984-1990)

  • PROSPERA provider, export initiative consultant & seminar presenter since 1997

  • Media writer - Univisión, El Diario, La Prensa, Florida Hispano and Visión

  • Past vice president and treasurer of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and member of multiple community and professional boards.

Ilia E. Giannoni

Ilia E. Giannoni – BS Computer Sciences and Office Management

  • Executive level experience with large accounting, entertainment, air transportation and medical firms

  • Experienced consultant in the areas of office organization, systems development, SOPs and the development and implementation of surveys

  • Past director Asociación de Mujeres Profesionales Hispanas

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